Tulare Union High School
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Plan for Success

Success is not a happy accident—it takes careful planning and preparation. We work with every student to develop post-graduation goals and map the path to make these goals a reality. Start right here on your road to success.

While our guidance counselors meet with every student throughout the year, we encourage students to be proactive about their high school education and beyond. This page provides you the information you need to explore college and career options as well as to ensure success during your high school years.

Guidance Counselors and Staff

Terry Langlie, Ext. 2709

  • Head Counselor
  • Tribal Intervention/At-Risk

India Leal, Ext 2715

  • Students A – C
  • AVID I
  • Challenge Day
  • Ivy League Project
  • Tribal Academy

Miguel Torres, Ext 2706

  • Students D – G
  • Migrant Students
  • PBIS
  • Naviance

Jose Marquez, Ext. 2705

  • Students H – M
  • ELD
  • HOBY

Michelle Potts, Ext. 2704

  • Students N – R
  • Art Academy
  • AP,  PSAT Testing
  • PBIS

David Weaver, Ext. 2703

  • Students S – Z
  • Reconnecting Youth
  • Scholarships
  • NCAA/NAIA Coordinator

Carmen Guerrero, Ext. 2720

  • District School Psychologist
  • PBIS

Yesenia Maldonado, Ext. 2701

  • Career Center Assistance
  • Work Permits
  • College and Military Liaison
  • Junior Career Day Coordinator

Lisa Muñoz, Ext. 2719

  • Community Service Internships
  • Job Shadowing
  • Scholarship Coordinator
  • Academic Letter
  • Challenge Day